Bespoke Domed Rooflight Project – Installation Phase

December 14, 2017.

Our recent project for a client in central London, which has been going on for nearly 2 months now, has come to an end after we completed the final installation works on site.

As described in our previous blog posts, the vast majority of the works for this project were completed in house. There is a major advance to building in this unitised fashion which is that it reduces time amount of time that we have to spend on site because most of the work is completed off site. This makes life much more convenient for the client as we have to spend a minimal time on site.

Once the in house fabrication process was complete, we were able to transport the materials to site and begin the erection of the frame. Our specialist team were able to set the frame up without the need for any cranage equipment – another advantage of building in a unitised fashion.

Once the frame was installed and welded safely in place, our team installed the temporary perspex glass to the frame. We will re-visit site in due course to install the glass to the dome, but as the client needed a temporary solution due to their busy schedule, we came up with the perspex design.

The whole installation process only took a our team a matter of days which meant minimum disruption to the client.

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