Bespoke Domed Rooflight Project

November 23, 2017.

Cambs Glass Design & Build have recently been contacted by a well-known theatre company in Central London to carry out a bespoke and exciting project.

The scope of works include the design, manufacture and installation of a domed rooflight. The dome was to be based upon a dual curved design which our team have worked on many times before. Of course, as this is a bespoke dome project, our team were able to take reference from other similar projects, but ultimately had to create a brand new and bespoke design for the client.

Following several meetings with the client, a final design was approved. This now means we have been able to move onto the procurement of the various components and materials necessary to complete the works. Due to the scale and bespoke nature of this project, the components and materials had to be sourced carefully to ensure they were correct.

The fabrication process will take between 6-8 weeks, after which we will be able to look at installation in central London. The dome will be fabricated in-house by our design team and then transported to site. On site, the parts can be assembled and put into position. This will reduce the amount of time we have to spend on site as the vast majority of the work will be completed in house. As such, this will mean the client incurs minimum disruption to their working day.

We have now moved onto the initial stages of fabrication. Our highly experienced workforce are thoroughly looking forward to working on this project!

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