Bespoke Rooflight Project – Phase 2

November 30, 2017.

Our bespoke rooflight project has been progressing nicely with build with our fabricators working hard to make sure the project will be delivered on time and in budget.

After the design was signed off by the client, we could being procuring the various components and materials so that our skilled team could begin the fabrication works. The frame is now almost complete with most of the parts having been welded and assembled at our factory.

Although the frame of the dome can be welded at our factory and then erected on site to reduce the amount of time spent on site, the nature of this unitised system means that the glass cannot be installed in the dome until it has been fully erected on site. It does, however, reduce transport and installation costs to far below what they would be if the whole project was made on site.

Once the final stages of fabrication have been complete, we can head to sit to erect the dome, install the frame and finally install the glass.

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