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Glass partitions are a quick and easy way to divide large open plan spaces into smaller rooms such as individual offices and meeting rooms or between different elements such as swimming pools and gymnasiums whilst maintaining the transfer of light and direct vision between areas, thus allowing the space to maintain the open plan feel.

Most partitions installed by our team are designed to a frameless design where the glass panes are fitted into recessed channel frames recessed flush into the surrounding walls, floor and ceiling finishes. The screens can also incorporate frameless glass doors mounted off the surrounding glass panes with stainless steel corner patch fittings, these door can also be supplied with.

With the large increase in subterranean basement extensions there is a trend to install swimming pools and gymnasiums within these areas. Whilst not required under current regulations it is good practice to supply any glazing adjacent to a swimming pool in a toughened/laminated specification so that should the glass panes ever become broken, the interlayer will retain the glass preventing harm to anyone using the swimming pool or any potential damage to the filtration system.

Our in-house design and project management team will work with you and your construction team from initial concept creation through to site completion. Taking advantage of the latest AutoCAD and where required 3D software, Cambs Glass are able to provide complex designs and geometries to create your unique and bespoke requirements whilst also being able to offer standardised designs to provide cost effective solutions.

Should you have a current or upcoming requirement or just want to find out what is possible then please contact one of our technical sales team who will be happy to help.

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