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Walk On Glass

Walk on glass is an excellent method of introducing natural light to dark areas or subterranean rooms within your property whilst maintaining the usable and costly floor space you currently have or are planning on building.

With external walk on glass we are able to supply a number of different finishes to prevent slipping due to water build up on the surface. This ranges from sandblasting of the glass through to a ceramic anti slip frit, screen printed and baked into the top surface of the glass.

All glass floors are designed to be subjected to a specific uniformly distributed load and concentrated point load as specified for the use of the building they are being fitted within. As such the glass specification can change greatly but, as a minimum, all walk on glass is supplied in a toughened/laminated glass make up consisting of two layers of 12mm clear toughened safety glass and one intermediate 1.5mm PVB interlayer within domestic properties.


Most walk on glass elements are designed to fit flush with the surrounding floor finishes thus providing a seamless transition from one finish to the other. Our in-house design and project management team will work with you and your construction team from initial concept creation through to site completion.

Taking advantage of the latest AutoCAD and where required 3D software, Cambs Glass are able to provide complex designs and geometries to create your unique and bespoke requirements whilst also being able to offer standardised designs to provide cost effective solutions. Should you have a current or upcoming requirement or just want to find out what is possible then please contact one of our technical sales team who will be happy to help.

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