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    Rooflights, skylights and atriums provide an excellent method of introducing natural light into any room. Read more

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    Walk on glass is an excellent method of introducing natural light to dark areas. Read more

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    Unique properties require and deserve unique architectural glazed features that complement your property whilst providing functional benefits to the living space. Read more

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    Glazed facades provided any structure with a lightweight glazed infill that provides access. Read more

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    Glass canopies can make an attractive focal point your builds main entrance. Read more

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    Glass balustrades are designed to provide edge protection to stairs, landings, lightwells, ramps and any other circumstance where there is a possibility of a fall. Read more

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Welcome to Cambs Glass

Firstly thank you for taking the time to visit our website, on the following pages you shall find a small selection of the products and services that our team offers.

We are able to supply many of the traditional glazing system such as patent glazing, structural glazing, frameless glazing, shuffle glazing and bespoke designed systems to suit unique requirements.

Cambs Glass, part of Bloorie, is one of the UKs leading specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke architectural glazing, alongside a range of standard rooflights which can be found on our online shop for easy customer purchasing.

One of the main benefits that set us above other architectural glazing companies is that Cambs Glass are part of Bloor International Enterprises. Bloorie is a leading group of companies dedicated to delivering trusted commercial and domestic glazing solutions to the UK construction industry.


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